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Full name: Lu+u Hoa`ng Thu-Thuye^`n
Born in: 12/1958 Saigon, Vietnam

1970-1975: Studied at Couvent des Oiseaux, Dalat
1975-1977: Finished high school at St. Paul, Saigon
1977-1978: Attended School of Pedagogy (Trung Hoc Su Pham), Saigon
1978-1979: Taught Fifth grade at Huynh Man Dat, Cholon
1979-1981: Lived in La Celle St Cloud, France
1981-1984: Attended Xavier University, Cincinnati Ohio
1984-1989: Worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone, St.Louis Missouri
1989-present: Got Married. Working at TI, Dallas Texas

Photo taken in 3/99

Here are some of my short stories written in Vietnamese. For those who can't read Vietnamese, may I refer you to Andrew Lam's Hompepage. Andrew is one of my favorite writers. His stories are written in English with a touch of Vietnamese "scent"!

South Vietnam
(photographed by Nam Luu)
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