How to configuration to view Dynamic Font

The new technologies of WEB is Dynamic Font, Dynamic font make by Truedoc, Dynamic Font is helpfull for web master using other language like Vietnamese. The Dynamic Font fully support in Netscape 4.x or Higher. On other browser like IE 4.x, 5.x and NeoPlaned are using Embedding Font (Make by microsoft) and ( not work in Opera browser ) and also help visitor can view true language without font installation and view from any where, the visitor just let few minute to configuration it then can view it. (But not usefull on all of system using browser below version 4.0 <- This must install font to system).

To configuration to view Dynamic font, do the following.

For Netscape 4.x or Higher :

1). Open Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> fonts

For MS. Internet Explorer 4.x or Higher and NeoPlanet 2.x :

1). Open  View -> Encording uncheck on -> Auto-Select and check on -> User Defined

For User using Netscape & Internet Explorer below version 4.0 & Opera :

You must be download VNI-Font from VNI company: (it Free)