Selected Essays
. Chu Dong Tu And Princess TienDung
. Funeral Rites In VietNam
. Golden Age Of VietNam Under The Hung Kings
. Hair: VN Style
. Legends About Emperor Ly Thai To
. Mother's Love, Mother's Devotion
. Poetical Leaf
. Superstition In VietNam
. Tet 1971 In VietNam
. The Different Systems Of Writings In VietNam
. The Dialogue On Mount Na-Son
. The Golden Ax
. The Boat Of Illusion
. The Hero Of PhuDong
. The Husband's Most Difficult Task: Teaching His Wife
. The Joy Of First Writing Of The New Year
. The Legend Of Chu Van Dich
. The Legend Of Princess Lieu Hanh
. The Origin Of Tao Quan, The Three Kitchen Gods
. The Sandalwood Maiden
. The Secret Housewife
. The Unicorn Dance At Tet
. Traditional Vietnamese Male Attire
. Tran Hung Dao's Proclamation To His Officers
. Vietnamese Literature In "Chu Nom" KIM-VAN-KIEU by Nguyen-Du (1765-1820)
. 1971 The Year Of The Pig